The Problem

Apple's white iPod headphones may attract criminals

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 @ 12:20pm

The Times warns iPod users against using the bundled headphones when using the MP3 player in public places: "The distinctive 'earbud' white headphones are a giveaway to criminals that a highly desirable iPod, costing up to £400, is concealed about the street-walking music lover, according one reader: "Todays UK "The Times" (UK's 2nd major broadsheet) newspaper carries a front page article and photograph detailing the rise in attacks on iPod owners by muggers and reports police advise owners to avoid using the tell-tale white iPod earphones.

Source: http://www.macnn.com/news/24028

The Solution


The new iCamouflage. For iPod and iPod mini.

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