How to use other Microtek Scanners with ScanMaker 7 Pro

A few days ago I discovered Microtek ScanMaker ScanWizard 7.51 on The file appears as an update of ScanMaker ScanWizard 5 V7.21. The app installs itself as ScanWizard Pro 7 (note that ScanWizard 5 (Version 7.21) and ScanWizard 7 Pro (Version 7.51) are different applications). The description claims that ScanWizard is compatible with Microtek ScanMaker 3800. However, it does not work, because the driver seems to be missing.

But the software works with other scanners (at least with my Microtek ScanMaker 3800). If you have a working installation of ScanWizard 5 V7 (I used version 7.21) then you may try to copy the driver from /Library/Application Support/Scan Wizard 5 V7/Scanner_Drivers to /Library/Application Support/Scan Wizard Pro 7/Scanner_Drivers.