Book: Mathematical Finance: Second Printing

Wiley released a second printing of my book. The second printing is based on Version 1.6.11 of the PDF file. It thus contains many of the error corrections listed on the errata page. In addition, I rewrote a few sections (25 pages changed), but the difference to the old version is still minor. Major improvements, like new sections will be posted to the book's update page. (The version number is printed on page v).

PS: I will donate a larger part of my 2007 net revenue to charity organizations (like the Fördergemeinschaft Deutsche Kinderherzzentren and Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid)). However: my net revenue is comparably small. From Wiley I get approximately $3 per book. BTW: Sorry for the price tag. I wasn't aware that the author does not have any influence on the pricing of his book.

Sample Chapters

Sample chapters for "Mathematical Finance" are available as a free download from the book's homepage.