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Black Moleskine notebook missing found

My black Moleskine A6 notebook which I had lost on July 13th, 2006 (!) in a hotel in New York reappeared. It came with a letter from a lady from Ireland. Not that the book is very valuable to me (it once was)..., but the unexpected kindness made me very happy.

iPod Raffle: And the winner is 0.83119106

In version 1.2 of the manuscript on Mathematical Finance I promised an iPod raffle among all that had send in comments or error reports. The raffle took place last week and the random number generator generated 0.83119106. Mapped by the inverse cumulated distribution function of the distribution of error reports that number mapped to Patrick Jappsen, a Dipl.-Math. from Bonn University. The iPod nano 2GB silver is on its way...

I am grateful to all who had send in comments or error reports. We had some nice discussions.

There will be a new iPod raffle in version 1.3, due September 2007.

iPod raffle 2006 - invoice

Black Moleskine notebook missing

I am missing my black Moleskine A6 size notebook. Beside some notes there was my ID in it (in the pocket on the last page). Since getting a replacement ID will cost me time and money I - of course - offer the reward stated in the book (see first page of book). Most likely, I left the book on July 13th in the Marriiot Financial Center NYC conference room on the 3rd floor or the Starbucks around the corner.