Obba: Handling Java Objects in Excel, OpenOffice and NeoOffice

A new version of Obba has been released: Obba Version 1.9.34.

Obba provides a bridge from spreadsheets (Excel or OpenOffice) to Java classes via worksheet functions (UDFs), without the need to write a single line of code. With Obba, you can easily build spreadsheet GUIs to Java classes. Obba is available for Excel and OpenOffice and Obba sheets may be migrated from Excel to OpenOffice or vice versa.

For more information see Obba's homepage.

Release Notes

Version 1.9.34 of Obba brings the following changes:

  • Fixed a problem which prevented loading of some classes. The current thread's context class loader was null. This appears to be a problem with the Java plugin. A workaround was created. Note: This problem resulted in the XMLDecoder not working.
  • Fixed a problem which prevented installation of Obba for OpenOffice.
  • More improvements for OpenOffice
  • Arrays of objects can be created using obMake with a class name of ClassName[] where ClassName is the component type (see documentation for an example).
  • Added a demo sheet showing how to access data from finance.yahoo.com. Include the Java source code for the class handling the web access.